Mr. Avinash Singh

(Founder of GCA NDA Academy)

We stand poisecd on the threshold of a new era, an era of renaissance, an era of change in the dynamics of education.In the light of the same, CNA has adjusted the sails to face the sweeping winds of change. The aim is to equip the students to emerge all holistic human beings who continue to grow in knowledge curiosity courage creativity achievements confidence, competence with sense of fulfillment and understanding. The task of building a new child must find support in our school, where our young students must be educated in a new perspective., so that they can bring about a change in the dynamics of human relation in the world outside. It is the prime duty of educational institution to promote strong positive character traits and foster creativity and innovative thinking among students to teach not to be afraid of failure but strive hand to achieve success for excellence, make them learn to see things in proper perspective and above all to be disciplined. In all perspective my students are beyond my expectations. I hope and pray that the students of our group will scale great height and keep the CNA flag high. May God intercede for all who enter the CNA company.


15+ Years

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